KOVOROZ offers milling and CNC piece-milling, an order and a low-series production to 500 pieces. Thanks to the CNC milling centre we are able to mill parts and semi-finished parts from different materials, first of all stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other metals. We will as well other materials, for ex. acrylate, laminate, wood or PVC.

Because of a CNC milling machine VMC 40 we are able to satisfy a wide spectrum od our customers, from the car, engineering or electrotechnical industry.The milling machine is equipped with an automatic change of 12 different tools. This process increases an efficiency of our production and a fast shaping of products. The adventage of the CNC milling centre is its unussual precision of shaping forms or tiny parts of +/- 0,03mm, that´s about the thickness of a human hair.

By using CNC milling tools, we reach not only a high precision and quality of products but as well a high flexibility and productivity.

We are able not only to mill but we can prepare for you a complex of services, including an order cooperation or a check. Work on express orders at the weekends or in the night hours is no problem for us, including a mutual communication and correction of orders.

Speciality, satisfaction, professionalism

More than 15-year of practicein the branch

Express orders on weekends and at night

Precise parts from all materials