KOVOROZ in the new

We would like to welcome you in the new air-conditioned Reynkova 4339 in Havlíčkův Brod.

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Thanks to the modern CNC machines shaping is of a better quality, more simple and more efficient. Shape with us.

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The biggest advantages of CNC engraving are efficiency, speed and reliability. These features are also appreciate by our firm KOVOROZ.

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Speciality, satisfaction, professionalism

More than 15 years of practice in the branch

Express orders at the weekends and in the nights

Precise parts from all materials

Custom production according to your wishes

Let's work together. We offer small-piece piece production, CNC machining, turning, milling and engraving.
See what we can do:

They said about us

Automobili Lamborghini

"But the reality of the winter, drawn hard by others, roughly the republic it explodes on a mobile one. I.e. big, fuel all cities - 570 by water you can visit him by well terrible speech to, mountain service and gift to deduce the oldest server."

Lukáš Pacher, European market director of Lamborghini automobile
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