The main acitivity of the firm KOVOROZ is a metal shaping, a metal-production and turning on the professional CNC machines.

Our CNC centre with a turning lathe is the base of the high-quality turning. KOVOROZ has a CNC turning lathe with 8 actuate tools and a control system Siemens SINUMERIK 840D. Easy manipulation , flexibility or functional variety increase our productivity and precision of work.

We turn products of different materials for ex. metals, wood or plastic. We shape steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. If it is a wish of our customer, we will arrange a surface shaping or engraving as well.

We make an express-turning at the weekends and in the nights. Low-series production to 500 pieces and an order turning on CNC machines will bring you a high precision, quality and fast delivery.

KOVOROZ - thanks to its experience, satisfaction of its customers and reliability belonges to the best firmes in the branch of the metal-shaping and turning. High precision of low-series order production (+/- 0,03mm) variety of turned parts or individual production and turning of exacting parts predetermine KOVOROZ to the cooperation with the firms in the branch of medical technology, in the car, engineering and air industry.

Speciality, satisfaction, professionalism

More than 15-year of practicein the branch

Express orders at the weekends and in the nights

Precise partsfrom all materials