Thanks to special instruments and CNC milling machines we are able to engrave and shape materials into the depth. We van engrave a lot of metal and non-metal materials, for ex. plastic, wood, stone, brass or aluminium.

Today engraving isn´t used only in the engineering industry. Engraving experiences boom on the advertising, car and food industry. CNC milling machine of KOVOROZ firm can engrave various plates, tablets, sings, wooden parts, 3D adds, boards and logotypes.

KOVOROZ engraving is made in the CNC centre with a milling machine which can exchange 12 different tools. The milling machine can´t only engrave but mill as well, it can make flat joins, drilling, cutting, metal-shaping etc. We produce parts for order and low-series production to 500 pieces.

The biggest advantages of CNC engraving are preciosion, speed and reliability. There features are also the main principles of our form KOVOROZ.We have more than 15-year practise, we are able to realize express orders and quality and satisfaction of our customers are in the first place for us.

Speciality, satisfaction, professionality

More than 15-year practisein the branch

Express ordersat the weekends and in the nights

Precision parts from all materials