CNC shaping

Firm KOVOROZ is equipped with modern CNC machines of a high quality and thanks to them we can guarantee not only an excellent quality but also a high productivity. We are able to shape almost all kinds of materials for ex stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and wood.

We use a professional turning lathe with 8 actuate tools for a low-production to 500 pieces and for an ordermetal-shaping. The turning lathe is able to mill, engrave or drill. The turning lathe is controlled by a high efficient system SINUMERIK 840D of Siemens company and that´s why a design and production od components become more efficient and not so much time consuming.

KOVOROZ also uses CNC milling machine VMCHO with 12 various tools. The variety of use, a high productivity and a good capacity make the process of shaping and production faster.

We make the final low-series piece orders with precision of +/- 0,03mm, which is about thickness of a human hair. Thanks to it we are able to make difficult and different shapes of parts a car and electrotechnical industry.

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